What is Breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to enlarge the breasts using implants. Today there are many different types of breast implants available. Depending upon your individual circumstances, the implants may be placed behind your breast or beneath your pectoral muscles.


The initial consultation at Plastic Surgery Queensland is with one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons who will be undertaking the procedure. Your surgeon will discuss the process with you thoroughly and decide whether breast augmentation surgery is right for you.

The size and shape of your breasts before surgery may influence the choice of which surgical procedure is best for you. This will all be explained simply and clearly during your consultation.

Under the new AHPRA laws in place from July 1st, 2023, a second consultation is required with a 7 day cooling off period before surgery can be booked. 


Your surgery will be undertaken at Kawana Private Hospital which is an accredited hospital on the Sunshine Coast. An incision directly under the breast is the technique usually used for Breast enlargement surgery. This is because the breast implant can be positioned most accurately into its pocket

The breast implant itself may be placed under the pectoralis muscle, under the breast tissue or a combination of both in the ‘dual plane’ technique.


How will I recover from Breast Surgery?

Swelling and soreness are common after surgery. An overnight stay at Kawana Private Hospital is recommended to ensure close monitoring by medical staff. A garment is fitted and that will stay in place until your post-operative appointment at 7 days. 

A fitted bra is recommended to wear for 6 weeks

A strict post operative regime is required when undertaking Breast Augmentation surgery. Exercise and heavy lifting is limited in the 4-6 weeks post procedure. Driving is also not recommended for the first few weeks. 

Post Operative Appointments are offered at our Kawana and Noosaville practices. 

Other Procedures Offered

  • Remove and replace breast  implants 
  • Breast reconstruction