What is an anti-wrinkle injectable?

Anti-wrinkle injectables are part of a class of drugs called neuromodulators whose sole purpose is to weaken certain facial muscles. Results are softening in frown lines, reduction in crow’s feet; turn up corners of lips and softening of chin pads. If used correctly by trained injectors they can dramatically reduce early and moderate signs of ageing.

A specialist Plastic Surgeon has an intimate knowledge of facial muscle groups and can accurately determine the placement and quantity needed to achieve the desired result. At Plastic Surgery Queensland our Plastic Surgeons liaise closely with the nurse injectors to ensure the outcome for the patient is optimal.

How much do anti-wrinkle injectables cost?

Within the industry you will see this cost vary greatly. We do not talk in unit prices because your highly qualified cosmetic nurse will determine the best outcome based on personal needs. The cost of anti-wrinkle injectables starts at $200.

What is the downtime?

Anti-wrinkle injections have little to no downtime although some patients who are prone to bruising may see a small amount.

When will I see my result?

For anti-wrinkle injections to take full effect you must allow 14 days. As part of our service at Plastic Surgery Queensland we do offer a complimentary review appointment after 14 days.