An abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that is designed to reduce a protruding abdomen through a full re-draping of the abdominal skin as well as tightening of the muscles of the entire abdominal wall. This procedure can especially help individuals who have experienced pregnancy or lost a significant amount of weight, but still possess excess skin and fat in their abdomen. The medical benefits can include improvements in continence, back pain and skin rashes under excess skin.

A good candidate for an Abdominoplasty is someone who is close to his or her ideal body weight, but still possesses a large fat deposit or loose abdominal skin that will not respond to diet or exercise. Those who are still planning on losing a weight, or are planning future pregnancies, may want to consider waiting before undergoing an Abdominoplasty. 

What does Surgery involve?

A full Abdominoplasty operation is designed to reshape the entire span of the abdomen. Loose skin, fat, scars and stretch marks are removed and the abdominal musculature tightened over the length of the abdomen to flatten the contour and reduce the abdominal apron. The umbilicus (belly button) is also reshaped and repositioned to a more aesthetically desirable location.

The surgery is undertaken at Kawana Private Hospital under a general anaesthetic.

How will I recover?

A two night stay at Kawana Private Hospital is recommended for pain relief and supervision by medical staff.

A Garment will be fitted in Hospital and worn for 6 weeks.

No driving for 10 days

Exercise should be kept to a minimum for 6 weeks.